on books

Comfort for the New Year?, Dean Street Press blog (11 January 2021)

Such is Life: In defence of happy endings, Dean Street Press blog (23 June 2020)

Humbug: What the Orwell Prize for Political Fiction shortlist says about politics now, The Teeming Mass (10 June 2020)

Do Not Keep Calm and Carry On, Dean Street Press blog (16 April 2020)

The Everyday as Empowering: Violence and Suburban Monotony in the Interwar Writing of George Orwell, Inquires Journal (February 2020)

on other culture & lifestyle

On Blitz Spirit with Lucy Worsley: A Timely Revision of Britain in Crisis, Dean Street Press blog (25 February 2021)

Rave Today? Field Maneuvers, Sweet Harmony and Recreating the 90s, Texture Mag (3 October 2019)

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Kabakov Tate Review: ‘An exercise in alternative perspectives’, Cherwell (9 January 2018)

Facebook: A Force for Social Change? An Interview with the Worldwide Tribe, Isis Magazine (30 October 2017)


Join us for an extra foundation year, say universities to weaker students, The Sunday Times (12 August 2018)

‘Opt-out’ plan for organ donation to be rolled out across England, The Sunday Times (5 August 2018)

British MPs should be ashamed of supporting regime change in Tehran, Middle East Eye (6 July 2018) [additional reporting]